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May 19 2014

Libyan militias led by former general attack parliament and declare it dissolved - Washington Post
Britain does so much cocaine it's now in the drinking water - Washington Post
Jets' GM plays it much straighter than predecessor - New York Post
'SNL' MVP: Sorry About It, Actual Cast Members - The Wire
It's a tough time of year for some NFL veterans - Boston Globe
A New Kind Of Sports Star: Gamers Make It To The Next Level - NPR
Microsoft's Surface strategy: As long as it takes - ZDNet

May 18 2014

Report: AT&T will announce it's buying DirecTV tomorrow - Washington Post (blog)
It's important to Texans' O'Brien to know his players as people - Houston Chronicle
Oshie: 'We let it slip away from us' - STLtoday.com
Is It Possible To Recover From Humiliation? - Forbes
Female Bank Exec: 'You Can Have It All' But Not All At Once - Forbes
The American Story, As It Was Reported To The Rest Of The Nation - NPR (blog)
Kid's viral bullying video shows how frustrated parents can get - CNN
It Was Open Mike at the Upfront Events - New York Times
Washington Monument draws crowds as it reopens after renovations - Los Angeles Times
How Do You Wring Sound From Sculpture? It Takes A 'Quiet Pride' - NPR
It Might Just Look Like a Puddle of Mud, But Cops Noticed Something That Had ... - TheBlaze.com
Technofile: It's time to move past ancient Windows XP - The Post-Standard
VA official out over vet deaths scandal – but is it more 'damage control'? - Fox News
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